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‘Tombstone Town’ author discusses Pine River advocacy

Book tells the story of 'Tombstone Town'

Keon writes book on history of Pine River Task Force

Jane Keon, a founding member of the Pine River Superfund Citizens Task Force has written a 290-page book about the group’s history. It’s available on Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback versions.

by Greg Nelson

‘Tombstone Town’ reflects on St. Louis environmental cleanup (Radio Interview)

Jane Keon spoke with Mike Horace about her new memoir, “Tombstone Town,” detailing her time on the Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force.

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Tombstone Town

 A memoir of the first 16 years of the Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force, a Community Advisory Group (CAG) in St. Louis, Michigan.  Jane Keon chaired the group for 12 years as they volunteered as citizen overseers of sites contaminated with chemicals and radioactive waste.  EPA is working with the town to end the deaths of robins from DDT poisoning, and to clean up a failed Superfund site that is leaking into the Pine River.

 Now available on Amazon.com

Kindle edition: $4.99   Paperback edition: $12.99

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Cleanup continues in St. Louis neighborhood

Dominic Trimboli of CMU Radio interviewed Jane Keon about the Burn Pit Record of Decision


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