St. Louis Citizen Task Force to DEQ: Hold EPA accountable

Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 1:00 pm

Beth Bellor for the Daily News

ST. LOUIS — A state official touring the cleanup of a defunct chemical plant and surrounding neighborhoods was greeted with a plea to hold the EPA more accountable.

Now it’s air pollution in St. Louis

By Linda Gittleman, The Morning Sun

Posted: 09/18/14, 4:52 PM EDT |

Decades Later Contamination Persists at Michigan Superfund Site

Four decades since the Michigan Chemical Corp. plant disaster, one of the biggest agricultural catastrophes in U.S. history, the contamination at the site is still persistent and includes heavy air pollution.

High chemical levels found in robin eggs

by Greg Nelson

Herald Editor

Results of a robin egg study in the St. Louis area was among the discussion topics during a recent meeting of the Pine River Superfund Citizens Task Force technical committee.

Results from second part of contamination study show deadly levels in St. Louis robins

By Malachi Barrett,, @PolarBarrett

Posted: 08/21/14, 4:41 PM EDT |

Labor Day Bridge Walk

Deadly DDT levels in St. Louis, Michigan, robins' eggs.

Dead birds spur cleanup of longstanding DDT contamination


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