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Better late than never - St. Louis is finally getting health study

Health Meeting Notice

Velsicol warning marker removed

St. Louis Utilities Director Kurt Giles drives the utility vehicle that carried the granite marker from the former Velsicol site Wednesday. Sun Photo by SUSAN FIELD. 


By SUSAN FIELD, The Morning Sun

POSTED: 10/16/13, 6:29 PM EDT |

William Shrum was a member of the St. Louis City Council in the 1970s, when the former Michigan Chemical plant “went down.”

Health study planned for St. Louis chemical workers and families

Health study planned for St. Louis chemical workers and families


By Linda Gittleman, The Morning Sun

POSTED: 10/03/13, 5:03 PM EDT | UPDATED: 9 HRS AGO

For years, Alma College Professor Dr. Ed Lorenz has been trying to get a health study concerning the contamination from the Velsicol Chemical plant in St. Louis and its effects on the people .

Linda Gittleman: Removing a symbol of death

I’m turning this week’s column over to Jane Keon, chair of the Pine River Superfund Task Force.


Dead birds in St. Louis collected

Dead birds in St. Louis collected, along with videos of their dying convulsions

Read the full story at:


Fed up with the DOJ and its tombstone, task force demands its removal

Article printed today in the Morning Sun newspaper about our request to have the tombstone relocated to the St. Louis Historical Society.


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